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1st independent network & Intermediary trusted leader in refurbishment, Point Garantie controls and secures the chain before, during and after the purchase of refurbished and used smartphones in Europe, in complete transparency.

Founded in April 2021, Point Garantie controls and secures the chain before, during and after the purchase of a refurbished or second-hand smartphone in France, by offering a guarantee on second-hand / refurbished devices after an inspection established by an expert. The expert is referenced on the website www.garantie.club & www.garantie.market

Who am I ?

After studying management and financial investment, I headed for the telecommunications sector out of passion. First with Orange, leader in its market segment, I then challenged myself to join the first smartphone repair startup. Trained in smartphone and tablet repair at the academy, I quickly found myself in the field.

During the training course, I had the opportunity to participate in the development of Paris La Défense stores, and implemented the openings of several dozen points of sale.

Thanks in particular to my results, I was able to adapt to the market and consumer expectations and become the leader in my area and market segment.

In 2017, I embarked on entrepreneurship and opened my first point of sale in Pleuven (29). Quickly, success allowed me to open several units in Brittany and Mayenne. My sociability, my enthusiasm for new encounters and opportunities leads me to reproduce this store plan in Brazil. Throughout my experience, I felt a specific need among users in correlation with recent studies developed by ARCEP, UFC que Choisir, Le Monde, Capital, BFM, Ladepeche, Cash Converters, Orange: The French want but do not buy their next second-hand or refurbished smartphone because they are afraid (of quality and non-customer service).

Point Garantie was created on April 1, 2021 to fill this need.

Point Garantie controls and secures the chain before, during and after the purchase of refurbished and second-hand smartphones in France, in complete transparency .

Before purchase: Via the Point Garantie software which integrates a semi-assisted AI, we are able to diagnose nearly 100 checkpoints on a device in 3 minutes. This test can be done remotely using an app, but above all at an approved repairer throughout France.

During purchase: The reliability of the diagnosis, among other things, allows us to guarantee all the devices up to 2 years in any store in France of the Point Garantie network.

After purchase: If a user of a Guarantee Point certified smartphone, regardless of its origin, has a breakdown, he can have it repaired in 20 minutes, at an approved repairer near his home, at no additional cost.

We talk about transparency because the diagnosis is tamper-proof and non-modifiable since authenticating on the blockchain .

It can be consulted at any time during the customer experience to know the status and usage history of a device.


We firmly believe that every electronic product has several lives. This is why we are working to develop the second life of your telephones and electronic products.

Our services, from the repair of smartphones to the sale of refurbished products, are intended to develop the circular economy, so that your phone is no longer just a simple consumer product.


Each of our stores leads a crusade for the greatest satisfaction of our customers and against planned obsolescence!


We exist to allow you to better use your electronic products. And because we do it well, Samsung, Huawei, Honor and others trust us with accreditation. Coming to Point Garantie is the assurance of a service in line with what the manufacturers of your products want!


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