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Smartphone warranties: What you need to know

Smartphone warranties: What you need to know

Smartphone warranties: What you need to know

What are the guarantees that must accompany a smartphone on the market?

Find out everything you need to know about warranties for smartphones.

The smartphone is an electronic gadget whose usefulness in our daily life is well established. But when buying it, we make small mistakes that often catch up with us after a few months of use. Indeed, when buying it, we focus more on the technical characteristics such as its RAM memory, its internal memory, its screen and the number of pixels of its camera. But behind what interests us, there are also the guarantees that accompany the smartphones that we must check and reassure ourselves before buying the smartphone. What are the guarantees that must accompany a smartphone on the market?

The legal guarantee.

The legal guarantee is the most important that must accompany a smartphone and moreover the one that every consumer must know. Unfortunately, this warranty is very little known for the simple reason that smartphone vendors do not provide consumers with the correct information about it. However, the legal guarantee not only reassures about the condition of the device, its quality and its operation. For example, if the smartphone you want to buy is a refurbished device or one whose camera does not work, the seller must tell you because this information is part of the legal warranty.

What is the duration of the legal guarantee?

According to European standards for the manufacture of smartphones, the legal warranty has a duration of 2 years without any restrictions. Indeed, according to European standards, all smartphone manufacturers must accompany their product with a 2-year legal guarantee. This warranty should cover all components of the device such as the screen, camera, keys, battery and many more. In the event of a hidden defect not declared by the manufacturer or the seller, the consumer that you are can request an exchange or a refund in the event of a breakdown observed after 6 months of use of the smartphone.

But before buying your smartphone, you must check if there are not certain points that do not comply with European standards. Because, certain manufacturers can in a subtle way, certain restrictions concerning such or such component of the product to prevent you from profiting from a free repair, a refunding or an exchange in the event of breakdown. Others, on the other hand, allow themselves to reduce the duration of the legal guarantee to 1 year, which is illegal.

Exceptions to the legal guarantee.

The legal warranty does not cover everything. The first exception to this guarantee is that after the 2 years, your smartphone no longer has a legal guarantee. In this case, you can no longer demand a refund, repair or exchange in the event of a breakdown. The legal warranty also does not cover breakdowns occurring after a modification made to the smartphone. And if for fun you immerse your smartphone in water even though the manufacturer has not notified you that it is a waterproof device, you have no complaints to make in the event of a breakdown even after 24 hours of use. Finally, the legal warranty does not cover an accidentally broken screen.

The commercial guarantee.

The commercial guarantee is a contract between the seller and the buyer. It is a guarantee that allows the buyer to claim a repair, a refund or an exchange of the product in the event of a breakdown and of course if the buyer respects the clauses of the contract. The commercial guarantee is added to the legal guarantee which is always valid for 2 years. However, when buying your smartphone, you should not rely too much on the commercial guarantee, because some sellers still do not tell you the truth about this guarantee.

What does the commercial warranty cover?

The coverage of a commercial warranty depends on each seller. But in general, the commercial warranty covers breakdowns concerning the components of the product such as the screen, the keys, the camera and sometimes the battery.

What is the duration of the commercial warranty?

The commercial warranty can last 6 or 12 months depending on the seller. However, when you have this warranty after purchasing your smartphone, you must be careful in the event of a claim, especially by telephone. Because when you declare your claim, your first declaration can be used as proof to make you lose this guarantee. The best would be to go directly to one of the seller's stores to ask your problem.

The legal guarantee against hidden defects.

Hidden defects are malfunctions or manufacturing defects that negatively impact the operation of an electronic device. The warranty against hidden defects is a warranty imposed by the Civil Code. In the event of discovery of hidden defects on a smartphone, the buyer that you are has two options which are: reimbursement or reduction on the purchase price.

Regarding the refund, the buyer must return the smartphone to be refunded without delay.

And as for the reduction in the purchase price, the buyer must continue using the device to obtain a reduction in the price already paid.

The warranty for hidden defects has a duration of 2 years from the day the defect is discovered by the user of the smartphone.

Root and warranty for Android smartphones.

Root is a procedure that allows you to have more control over your smartphone and more customization possibilities. The root in its application does not make changes to the structure and the operating system. In Europe, root has no negative effect on the legal, commercial or hidden defects warranty on a smartphone. To put it simply, when you root your smartphone after purchasing it, you do not void any of the warranties that come with it. But beware, this regulation is applied in Europe and not elsewhere. Because, when you root your smartphone in Canada, you automatically lose all the guarantees that come with it.

The benefits of smartphone warranties.

Whether manufacturer, seller or buyer, warranties for smartphones offer several advantages.

For manufacturers, warranties are factors that increase their notoriety and credibility in the market.

For sellers, guarantees allow them to sell quickly even if their product is more expensive than what the competition offers.

And for consumers, warranties allow them to buy worry-free and use their purchased smartphone with peace of mind.

Finally, warranties for smartphones are contracts between manufacturers and users on the one hand and seller and user on the other hand allowing the use of smartphones in complete peace of mind after purchase.

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